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An unique service model on the market that allows you to access all the benefits in one direction, thus saving time and money by accessing different providers or by hiring an in-house person.

Office Management

Development, stabilisation and coordonation of all processes for a law firm oriented towards growth.


  • Internal Regulation document
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Service Providers Agreements ~ renegociation, re-offering
  • Working space ~ rent, security, utilities, fittings
  • Administrative personnel ~ guidebook, trainings, appraisal
  • Recruiting and dismissal procedures 
  • Cleaning services ~ people management, cost control
  • Stationery ~ stock and orders evaluation, cost control
  • Printing ~ provider agrement, machines, document production, cost control
  • Post and Couriers
  • Archiving
  • Furniture
  • Recycling
  • Social Engagement


  • Documents House Style
  • Electronic Registers
  • Staff Recruitment including Lawyers
  • Working space Rental and Relocations
  • Business Travel
  • Team building Planning
  • Clients Gifts
  • Corporate Events and Private Parties
  • Employee Benefits


Prioritization of the most important marketing actions aligned with the Company`s strategy. Selection of the best perofrming suppliers within budget limits. Briefing and project management.


  • Website
  • Niche Conferences
  • Events planning
  • Branded printed materials
  • Customised Power Point Presentations
  • Social Media
  • Professional photos 


  • Legal Directories submission
  • Online Press articles (HotNews, Juridice, Bizlawyer...)
  • Network affiliation (AmCham, CCIFER...)
  • Business Development Strategy
  • Networking Events Selling Strategy
  • Rebranding

IT & C

Incident prevention through implementation of appropriate security solutions to the level of sensitivity of information held. Risk reduction of users attacks and company information protection.


  • Information Security Policy
  • IT systems Physical Security
  • IT Outsourcing firm / internal department management
  • Telephony, Mobile and Fax
  • Internet
  • Web domain
  • Email
  • Backups
  • Team Storage Space  (network attached storage)
  • Laptops/desktops and licencing
  • WiFi
  • Electronic signature


  • IT Audit 
  • Website Test Penetration
  • Mobile device management - Microsoft Office 365
  • Equipment and software purchases 
  • Training session for employees with regard to security issues
  • Firewall, corporate antivirus
  • Legislative software


We aim for customer satisfaction.

To achieve this purpose, the services offered are oriented towards the implementation of best internal practices, thus increasing the overall activity, growing the brand and protecting the data. 

All these factors have a major impact on the image that a company has in the market in which it operates.

COO ADVISORY assistance is continuous and constant being always available as an extension of the customer team.


included as a monthly subscription

fixed price/per month

limited to a number of hours

Office Management
IT & C


exclusively charged at hourly rate

fixed price/per hour

timesheet ready to deliver

Office Management
IT & C